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Ki Lee

Summer Silenos Mini Bag



11cm x 17cm x 4cm

SUMMER SILENOS belongs to KI LEE’s on-going collaboration with the menswear brand <the STOLEN GARMENT>. Designed for 2019FW collection “Moon, Woo, Blue and Fur” and presented during the 2019FW Seoul Fashion Week. Inspired by the mythological figure in ancient Greek mythology, the design embodies the collection’s theme of growth. As the summer variant of the original FW design, SUMMER SILENOS replaces the bottom faux-fur panel with a leather panel matching the rest of the body.






When the product comes in contact with contaminants, please wipe the surface with wet tissues and let it dry in the shade.

Please refrain from using chemical solvents such as alcohol for cleaning purposes, for the natural dye and adhesive used in the product will degrade.

Friction and other exterior forces may lead to surface scratches and deformation.

For a longer lasting use of the product, occasionally apply a light layer of water-based. clear varnish.




Design Features: Fully-lined Bag, Adjustable Strap, Posterior Leather Loop for use as Beltbag

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