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Swiss label RUBIROSA produces exclusive sneakers for men with the finest Italian quality. All items are handmade with the utmost attention to detail and offer unrivalled comfort. The company upholds the traditional standards of craftsmanship and relies on the most experienced workshops in Italy. The magic goes beyond the aesthetic and transcends into the philosophy.

RUBIROSA, named after the legendary Latin American gentleman Porfirio Rubirosa (1909–1965), is more than just a brand. Like the style icon Rubirosa, this dynamic label represents a certain outlook on life: embracing beautiful things, fashion, style, pleasure, personality, authenticity and creativity. In short, RUBIROSA is pure joie de vivre – from head to toe.

The high-quality products are aimed at modern cosmopolitan men of every age who value class and aesthetics. The sneakers are part of the uniform of men who have certain aspirations for themselves and those around them. Like a true gentleman, the RUBIROSA customer also appreciates understatement. He uses selected pieces to emphasise his own line. Simple, but efficient.

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