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SFCS’s Interview with RECIENNE

Posted on August 17 2018

Interview by Seoul Fashion Creative Studio (SFCS)




Recienne Vacant Label

Model wearing Recienne SS18.



The Seoul Fashion Creative Studio (SFCS) recently interviewed Choi Gi Bong, the brainchild and designer behind Recienne, a gender stereotype-challenging avant-garde brand that caught Vacant Label’s eyes with its characteristically total-black collection and is now proudly represented by Vacant Label.




Before we venture further into Recienne territory, you might like to know that SFCS is a fashion incubator initiative by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which provides studio space and specialised services including marketing and consulting services to nurture up-and-coming fashion designers. Choi is one such designer and has been maintaining his studio at SFCS for a year now.


The brand name, Recienne, is a portmanteau word, combining the French word ‘ancien’ with the Spanish verb ‘remozar’ to juxtapose the old (ancien) with the innate energy to become the new (remozar means to refurbish or to rejuvenate). More crucially, it embodies the design philosophy cradling the brand, which sets out to rejuvenate or modernize the classic to produce a contemporary and fresh interpretation through fashion.


String Lapel Tailored Jacket


It is also a sure first step for Choi in creating a distinctive identity for Recienne which aspires to be a sartorial statement in overcoming gender stereotypes and blurring clear gender roles in what men and women wear conventionally. And he imbues these principles with aplomb in his ‘Escapade’ SS/18 and ‘Black Line Season 1’ FW/18 collections, which showcases his now-talk-of-the-town ‘men’s skirts’ and gender-neutral oversized coats and pants. He speaks of focusing on uncomplicated fabric, clean stitching with fuss-free details but with unique composition and construction such that the optics is that what is produced, is actually not an easy piece of clothing to wear. This is also one reason why the colour choice is a very decided black, which could also go towards subconsciously taking a more sombre tone in his philosophical leanings. One way or another, Choi definitely has carved a distinctive identity for Recienne, and surely will be an audible voice in Korean fashion.


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