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Posted on June 03 2019

Written by Jaycee Ng



Image courtesy of Hecho's Spring Collection.
Image courtesy of Berluti's Spring Collection.
Image courtesy of Issey Miyake Spring / Summer 2019 Collection.

The Fashion runway this Spring showcases a wide variety of styles, including long coats, checkered designs, leisure bright t-shirts, flowing pants and a seemingly androgynous, non-binary fashion element in it. 


-Plain T-Shirt with embroidered side logo with a high waist pants ensemble. 

Kozaburo has his Spring collection portraying an almost spiritual theme alongside his desire for fashion to transcend the normalities of life. 

-Clean cut linen top and bottom left flowing on the model’s body, a Zen concept amidst the bamboos. 

Vacant Label has gathered various designers’ Spring/Summer 2019 collections and launched it on the site. The up and coming fashion label YoungOh (00000) features embroidered, printed jackets, collar tops, lace pants, shorts and non-binary shirts which follows tightly the themes gathered from Vogue’s runway. Customus is also another rising brand that aims for the sporty athleisure look, dropping basic t-shirts accompanied with bright contrasting tones and patterns-similar to the designs of Todd Snyder.


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