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Posted on August 11 2018

Text extracted from: Business Times Weekend written by Lena Kamarudin

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"Spurred by the popularity of K-pop culture, Vacant Label is a home-grown online destination for menswear and accessories with a Korean twist. Says Jean Lee Chan, the brand's founder and CEO who is of Korean descent: "I chose menswear because the market is less saturated compared to womenswear. I also feel that men these days pay more attention to fashion and grooming and are more aesthetically-inclined." Vacant Label caters to a more trendy and fashion-centric demographic and their collections are pretty limited, with most brands previously available only in Korea.


It's more challenging to do men's fashion... because they are creatures of habit and they're definitely less experimental and open-minded when it comes to their fashion choices.


One of the most important aspects of menswear… the balance between comfort and style. Design and tailoring are also important.


The brands we carry are... young and exciting indie brands and designers. As we are a Singapore-based company, we are also looking out for local menswear brands to showcase on our platform. We would like to establish Vacant Label as the go-to name for the best selections in independent men's fashion and lifestyle."


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