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5 Korean Menswear Labels You Need to Know

Posted on March 12 2020

by Amos Chin


Over the past decade, we’ve seen Korean culture, dramas, and K-Pop dominate the hearts of the people. Whether its technology, food or the burgeoning of cosmetic lines, it seems Korean culture is everywhere.


In recent years we’ve also seen an incline towards Korean labels - especially menswear. These Korean designers are widely recognized for their eccentric development process and aesthetics with an incredibly diversified selection. 


Seoul’s rising popularity as a fashion-forward destination has seen major multi-label stores adding these local brands amid their curated line up.


There is no doubt the Korean culture has got us covered inside and out. 


Let us take you through 5 Korean menswear brands you need to know.





Who are they: BIRD CHE specialises in nostalgic, vintage-inspired clothing made from high-quality and sustainable materials. The brand took inspiration from a Confucian idiom (溫故知新) which roughly translates to, “Cherishing its lessons, and taking them as  a  guide for tomorrow.” Therefore, BIRDCHE reinterprets vintage fashion and improvises it for contemporary sensibilities.


Why must you know them: While sustainability has been a huge trend over the past few years among high-end and street labels, BIRDCHE creates minimalistic and eclectic garments that are both staples and statement making. It is pretty much a one-stop shop for those with a diverse taste in fashion.






Who are they: YOUSER is a global high-end street brand based in Seoul and Paris. The name consists of "you" and "user", with the motive coming from a philosophical ideal about the importance of the relationship between the designers and consumers. 


Why must you know them: YOUSER is known for his experimental designs and eccentric silhouette. He develops and improvises classic garments with a twist of an oddity. With the saying “Weirdness is Originality”, YOUSER has definitely hit the nail on that.  






Who are they: ILMOL is a Korean based label that specialises in avant-garde clothing. “ILMOL” translates to “Sunset” in Korean. They find the beauty behind the disappearance of the light and sun. They strive towards the beauty that is unseen to the eye.


Why must you know them: Refusing to conform to traditional designs, ILMOL constantly challenge and experiment with boundaries. With their intentions of creating designs that are ineffable and exquisite. Though monochromatic is key to the brand, the unconventional proportions and silhouettes elevate its statement making flair. 





Who are they: They are an Avant-Garde Korean based brand. They design their garments based on the objects they see and feel that marks something particular. They integrate their senses with their experiences and emotions to create a harmonious balance of new elements, detailing and silhouette. 


Why must you know them: Frommark embodies the hype culture. They are huge on the oversized and baggy proportion which happens to be an on-going trend in South Korea. 

With their inspiration for fusing senses and emotions, the unorthodox blend of fabrications, colour blocking, and contrasting stitching dominates their collections. 



Fan Young



Who are they: FAN YOUNG is one of the brightest ascending stars in Korea's fashion scene. Headed by designer Yang Young Hwan who worked in the London scene, this fashion house develops its design through their bold visions. Inspired by androgyny, gender fluidity, and strong progressive lines. 


Why must you know them: Experimentation with colours, textiles and details are key to the brand. They challenge the run of the mills’ silhouettes and garments by integrating them with a completely different style. 



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