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Young Oh (00000) by DAZED MAGAZINE

Posted on June 07 2018

from Dazed Magazine Interview with words edited by Ethan Low



Dazed Magazine Korea, in their May 2018 issue, featured Young Oh (00000), as the latest designer for their Lookbook project. Below, we take a closer peek into the up-and-coming designer’s world and take this occasion to welcome Young Oh into Vacant Label’s stable of brands.


Image courtesy of Dazed Magazine.



Young Oh was recently launched in August 2017 with its SS/18 collection. The name is the designer’s own which also is a coincidental homophone with “five zeros” in Korean, thus explaining the numerical association with the brand.


Young Oh had his start at renowned cult Korean brand, Beyond Closet, back in 2012 straight out of fashion school and led the brand from strength to strength for the 5 years he was there. He has since put his experience and advice from his mentor at Beyond Closet, Ko Tae Yong, to good use and it was in fact his highly-respected mentor’s encouragement that led him to venture out to start his own label.



Image courtesy of Dazed Magazine.



Young Oh recently premiered its FW/18 collection at the Seoul Fashion Week that is based on the rockabilly music movement from the 50’s. From a sexuality perspective, this is a marked departure from the distinctively genderless vibe of the SS/18 collection, what with rockabilly fashion and the Lansky look resonating masculinity and macho-ness through and through. Young Oh was going through MTVs of the era and was inspired by the fashion, hairstyle and culture that struck a strong chord in what he wanted to do next. Ultimately, Young Oh still infused certain genderless touches to this collection such as shear detailing and the use of silk in shirts to emphasize his trademark features.


Image courtesy of Dazed Magazine.


On showing at Seoul in less than a year after the launch of the brand, Young Oh is immeasurably grateful for this. He realises a dream of being to bow at the end of the show, as the designer of his own brand, and with this, it spurs him on to venture further into the fashion world by constantly refining his craft to realise his vision. He has since moved into Seoul Creative Studio which is helping his brand grow through the various forms of support offered there for creative brands like his to blossom. He continues to be inspired by retro movements of the 80’s and 90’s, reimagining life back then into today’s fashion, and it is through this strong identity that he wants to be known by eventually.



Image courtesy of Dazed Magazine.


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