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VL DIALOGUES: Alexander Lee Eusebio

Posted on May 03 2018

by Ethan Low



When we were told Alexander’s schedule opened up to allow Vacant Label to bring him around Seoul to play dress-up in some of the newest collections from the brands on Vacant Label, we thought it would be absolutely silly not to jump at the chance to do just that.


For the uninitiated, Alexander is one of the most recognisable pop stars coming out of Asia and you would be hard pressed to find a better representative of Asia, having roots from Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea; and having worked in Singapore, the Philippines, Japan and Taiwan. He had his start as a member of South Korean boyband, U-KISS, and went on to appear in the Singaporean film, 3 Peas In A Pod, and most recently helmed the popular Filipino series called, My Korean Jagiya. With Vacant Label also in Seoul, we thought it was the best opportunity to have a wander across the Korean fashion mecca, armed with the newest collections from South Korean streetwear brands Verynineflux and Zplish, and the perfect home-grown idol to wear them- on this Vacant Label’s exclusive day with Alexander Lee Eusebio.


Alexander wearing Zplish SS18.


What is your personal style like and what are you most comfortable in?

I personally prefer minimalist fashion because I like to keep things simple and fuss-free. It is ironic but I find the typical K-pop idol look a tad overwhelming for me. In my down time, you will often find me in a pair of denim jeans with a simple t-shirt and sneakers, or even trainers to match. As you can tell, comfortable clothes make me happy.



Alexander wearing Zplish SS18.


Who are your favourite designers and style icons?

I don't really have a specific designer or brand that I like, and I am generally not someone who chases fashion trends. What I like to do is to keep myself updated of trends and fads in the fashion world like flipping through streetwear photos on social media or visit Vacant Label’s Instagram page to get inspiration of what’s cool that I can buy. From there, I add my personal style to it to make it my own. I think it is important to find your strength and express your individuality the way you want it.


Alexander wearing VeryNineFlux SS18.


Which is your favourite piece from the photo shoot today?

I know this might sound greedy but I like everything. (laughs) If I had to choose, then I would go with the pieces from VeryNineFlux [list exact name of the respective clothing he wore as per the website]. The clothes were stylish and comfortable, and photographed really well. It’s no wonder why the brand has caught on with so many Korean idols these days.


Who else would you like to see working with Vacant Label?

Apart from other celebrities (and I imagine many would jump at the chance to showcase the diversity of men’s fashion from Vacant Label), I would also like to see people who are passionate with fashion and design working with Vacant Label. I think Vacant Label is like a curated community where people gather to share and display their aesthetic views on fashion and style. And to be able to show the world their colourful collections and telling their stories and inspiration behind these creations in this great e-environment that is Vacant Label- now that’s bringing men’s fashion to another level.

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