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Sustainable Korean Brands You Should Know in 2020

Posted on July 14 2020


Article by: Amos Chin


In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in a sustainable fashion. Whilst many are genuinely concerned about the social and environmental damages, some are just jumping on the bandwagon.


Regardless, it is heartening to know that the fashion industry has morphed from lip-service sustainability to real, effectual action. Luxury powerhouses Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent to name a few, have promised to commit to full carbon neutrality across the company. All without compressing style and comfort, too. 


While the industry is playing a part by making a difference, we too can direct our conscious spending towards fashion that makes us feel and look good.






Who are they: KI LEE is an independent bags and accessories brand that uses innovative and sustainable materials. Designer, Ki-Chan Lee hopes to shift the public's perception of sustainable consumption through his art and design.


Why must you know them: They combine traditional craftsmanship with sculptural influences. These eccentric yet sophisticated bags have a poetic undercurrent that would make a statement to one's outfit.








Who are they: Established in 2012, RE;CODE has challenged the mainstream fashion by reinterpreting design while being more conscious of the environment.


Why must you know them: Instead of incinerating dead stocks, the sustainable brand repurposes these unwanted clothing and fabrics into new products. By repurposing, the brand is reducing carbon footprint while producing one-of-a-kind, and unique pieces.







Who are they: NOT OURS is a vegan fashion brand in pursuit of a sustainable life without the exploitation of animals. The name of the brand also conveys the meaning of how animals and resources of the future generation are "not ours".


Why must you know them: They present high-quality sustainable products in refined styles and whimsical prints while annihilating the stereotype that animal-based products are of higher quality.







Who are they: PARTsPARTs is a luxurious fashion brand built on the concept of zero waste through its manufacturing process.


Why must you know them: Their constant development and innovating technology have led them to reduce textile wastage while producing trendy clothing with futuristic finishing. 



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