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Millin is the Korean Brand You Need to Know

Posted on April 27 2020


Article by: Amos Chin


When it comes to effortless styles with atypical characteristics, Millin is THE brand. With bizarre concepts and individualistic brand identity, Millin never fails to deliver exceptional trendy silhouettes without compromising style. 


Their designs cater to those who aren't afraid to struct the walkway as if it's their runway.


Read on to find out more about Millin in our conversation below.



Can you introduce yourself?


My name is Min Jae Lee, and I am the designer and director of Millin. 



When did you start having an interest in fashion, and why menswear specifically?



Since I was a little kid, I’ve always enjoyed dressing up and playing with clothes. It was very much a telltale sign that I was going on to be in the fashion industry. 


I had an interest in womenswear when I was in design school but was more inclined to creating garments that I would wear. I get a sense of satisfaction from wearing samples that I designed and manufactured. Essentially these satisfactions became part of my development process as my preferences guided me through.



Are there any designers that you look up to?


Raf Simons.



What are the key elements and qualities of a Millin piece?




Unique and minimalistic are the two keywords that describe Millin. I strive to create effortless designs with eccentric characteristics. 


“Millin’s brand philosophy is to produce random but steady designs with a conviction.”



Can you share with us the meaning behind “Millin”?



Millin is a combination of M+illin, “illin” is American slang for weird, foolish, and crazy which resonates very well with the brand’s vision. 


I took from my initial “M” from my name to express my weird and individualistic design ideas. 



What inspired your S/S 20 collection?



I got inspired by two faces looking at each other as well as the idea of interlocking fingers to symbolize trust and promise. With that, I named the concept “A SOLEMN PROMISE”.



What are your plans for future collection?


I aim to be simplistic without being special, simple without being concise and modern without being monotonous. In summary, I would like to embody uniqueness in minimalistic designs with the 3 mottos above.




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