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Posted on March 30 2020

Article by: Amos Chin



Amidst the rise of Korean menswear labels, Esopie takes on a new approach to luxury fashion. While many upcoming labels claimed to embody Korean fashion, Esopie aims to showcase the epitome of the ideal interpretation.  


“We wanted to show what Korean labels are meant to be.”


As a brand, Esopie’s looks are not limited by any solid framework. Every garment created embraces experimentation that defies conventionality. They aim to push boundaries of wearability without compromising on the quality. 


Read on to find out more about Esopie in our conversation below.



How would you describe yourself as an artist?

As a designer, I'd like to think that I am very ambitious when it comes to creating my garments. I need to believe that my creations are competitive and one to be reckoned with. 

To successfully showcase my creation to people I have to be confident in them. It is really important because persuasive power comes from how happy I am with my garments. 

While I'm generally a very curious individual, I take inspiration when things that intrigue me as well. 


Can you share with us more about “Esopie” as well as the meaning behind the name?

To be honest, there’s isn’t any backstory to the name, “Esopie”. I wanted to incorporate my name to the brand but using my full name doesn’t seem to fascinate me. Therefore, I decided to only use 3 alphabets that come to mind when writing my name. And to avoid looking like random characters being jumbled up, I just played with how it sounds when you read the 3 alphabets, S, O, P. 


What is your inspiration and concept behind your S/S 2020 collection?

I have a huge interest in astrophysics. And when I first came across Katy Perry’s ET music video, I was enthralled and dove deeper into the idea of the outer universe. Diverse images of living creatures stimulated my creative juices tremendously so I decided to commence the season’s preparation with that concept. 


In short, the concept of SS20 is ‘Pure Image Of Life’ and Esopie’s design language to project the concept on the garments was ‘Leave it as it is’. 



Esopie Spring Summer 2020.



What are your plans for the near future? 

First of all, we are trying to get more recognition for the brand. Regardless of how enticing our garments are, it would only be self-satisfaction if there isn’t proper exposure. We are currently planning advertising strategies that would be executed in April 2020.  



What would you like to share with other young and aspiring designers out there?

I would like to encourage all of these aspiring young designers and tell them not to give up so easily. Though being in the fashion industry may be tough, but always remember that you’re doing what you love and that is all that matters.

Trust your dream. Stick to your dream. Stay strong. Be tough.

This is a very competitive community but I hope that we all can show solicitude to one another. Providing a helping hand is a step to make the industry a little more compassionate. 

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