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Birdche is the epitome of a Nostalgia Shop

Posted on July 02 2020


Article by: Amos Chin



The creative virtuoso behind the brand BIRD CHE remains doggedly enigmatic as he shares an intimate conversation with us about his fashion and artistic inspirations, as well as the compelling ethos behind “Nostalgia Shop”. His garments unveil heartfelt narrations about the past with vestments that immerse customers in warm memories and emotions. The sui generis South Korea brand specialises in bespoke garments made from quality and eco-friendly materials, with a subtle kiss of nostalgia. 


The brand’s name was derived from a Confucian idiom that loosely translates to preserving lessons from the past and using them as a guide for the future. His latest collection features a curious hodge-podge of vintage elements fused with contemporary vibes.  The label endeavours to create nostalgic products and stories that will remain firmly etched in the mind of all customers. 



Share with us about yourself and the brand.



Before I started BIRD CHE I had a lot of time to think about myself. What designs I liked, and in the multi-faceted art world, what really represented me? Where is this particular place where I felt comfortable, where I wanted to stay for a long time, and where my heart felt the warmest? This was the idea behind “Nostalgia Shop”. The inspiration and the mood from Nostalgia Shop gave me the direction for my overall design background, all my graphics, movies and art directions all come from this philosophy.


In Nostalgia Shop, we accumulate out of season and out of trend products. They can vary from a few months old to as long as several years old. I still find this space to be very romantic. These products may be old and worn out, but they gain value as just sit and wait for their fate endlessly. Vintage items cannot be replicated by a computer as they are mostly handmade, thus there is something warm about these products that is lacking these days. The feelings and emotion you get, is the overall direction and inspiration for BIRD CHE.



How did you become interested in fashion and design?


I was always interested in creating and making things.  Fashion is the most relevant form of creativity for human beings. I was most attracted to the fact that nature and the silhouettes can be best interpreted through this media.



What makes Birdche stand out from other fashion brands?




My main audience might be young and leading an active ever-changing lifestyle, but Birdche’s main philosophy is to keep the value of things that are timeless.  Although the current trend is focusing on everything that is ‘Young’ and ‘Youthful’, Birdche’s philosophy is to show the harmony of human nature and object that will not change with age.  Through this philosophy, my designs will age gracefully over time season after season. The natural creases and the worn out look has been carefully presented through my prints. 



What is your inspiration behind your latest collection? 



BIRD CHE ’s second season’s story begins with I’m a Stranger with constant Daydream.

Dream is influenced by random recurring memories. BIRD CHE ’s artwork and styling are drawn from a stranger’s vivid memories from his dream. The aesthetic, the intertwining of memories and the beautiful fantasy are all expressed by analogue artwork, incorporated into BIRD CHE ’s signature pleat details and distressed look.



What are your plans for your upcoming collection? - Share with us your concept, and inspiration.

Birdche presents its collection twice a year with the main campaign and a capsule campaign. The main campaign will show the concept, story and design for the year. The capsule campaign is a sub-campaign that consists of items where the customers can experience the unique Birdche designs at a friendlier price point. The main campaign for 2021 will be my 3rd main campaign and the theme will be a Cyberpunk Dystopia with a retro touch. This will be interpreted through Birdche’s unique silhouette, vintage artwork and material.



Where do you see Korea heading in terms of fashion trends in the future?



Instead of one big trend, I feel that it will flow towards individual preference and inspiration. Fashion will not follow a certain trend but will focus more on individuality.  Individual inspiration, mood and preference will be the focus.  I feel there will be more smaller fashion brands to cater to different customer needs and wants. More brands will utilize online and E-commerce platforms to reach out to their customers, not just for clothes but also to present the whole concept and philosophy of a brand.



And what do you hope for Birdche in the future?



Birdche’s main goal is to present high-quality products through its concept of ‘nostalgic memory and space’. I would like to show the customers Birdche’s philosophy of ‘Nostalgic Vintage’ through clothes and also through videos, paintings and objects d’art. Ultimately, I want the brand Birdche to be able to deliver exquisite products that the customers can be inspired by. 




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